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The AFLMA committee recently met with Emily Pilling (AFL Membership Manager) to discuss issues arising from the 2010 finals series.


For some members, there were significant problems accessing tickets to the Grand Final & Replay.


It is the view of the AFLMA committee that the transfer of membership cards to non members is significant; especially during finals and in particular for the Grand Final.  This results in members missing out on access to the big finals matches.


Emily gave an overview of the security checks and that the AFL caught 50 people who were not the members shown on the Membership Card and those people will be downgraded to Silver Memberships as a result.  There were also two Members who were selling tickets on eBay who were told their memberships had been cancelled. 


The AFLMA does not believe there is a strong enough presence to ensure that members are those attending the Grand Final using AFL Memberships.  Emily will review this policy.


The AFLMA had heard of members at Ticketek outlets (for Grand Finals) denying their seat offer and getting the outlet operator to re-try for different tickets.  This resulted in members behind them missing out on tickets due to the time taken to finalise the transaction.  It is the AFLMA's opinion that you should only be able to request a level, if not available then you are offered the best available and you cannot re-try for alternative seats.  Emily agreed with this and would advise Ticketek outlets not to allow this to occur in the future.  If members want to choose their seats for the Grand Finals they can do so on the internet.


There was the issue of the media mis-reporting the procedure for ticket sales for the replayed Grand Final.  The AFL had advised the media of the correct procedures but these were incorrectly reported.


Ticket sales for the Replay for non competing club members was delayed from it's 1pm start by 11 minutes due to the website not being ready at the start time.  The problem with the internet delayed the selling of tickets for all forms of sale to ensure fairness.


The AFLMA raised the issue of the Ticketek website not defaulting to 1 for membership tickets.  Emily agreed with this issue and would raise it with Ticketek but could not guarantee a fix as it may be hard coded in the programming and difficult to fix.


If you wish the AFLMA to take up a problem or suggestion to the AFL, email with your comments.