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AFLMA Newsletter 2009


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The AFLMA has continued to meet with Darren Birch (AFL Membership Manager). During the last meeting in August the following was discussed with Darren.


If there are any issues you would like the AFLMA to raise with the AFL, please email and we will endeavour to raise it with Darren.


AFLMA minutes of meeting with Darren Birch and Christina August 2009


•  Darren was thanked by a committee member for assistance with a member who was suffering hardship.

•  AFL Members finals booklet was discussed. There has been a 15% price increase for GF and PF, in line with other AFL finals ticket prices. It was noted that nearly all of the AFL Members reserve has been classed as premium seating. The price differential between full and silver member GF & PF tickets has been maintained at $100. Platinum members will again receive a 50% discount on GF ticket price (Platinum members are urged to read carefully the instructions that the AFL will send to them prior to the GF).

•  On selling of tickets during the season. AFL suggests agencies need to contact Ticketek service centre if they are having problems. The AFL does not have any capacity to help them with any problems with their system. It was noted that some Ticketek agencies are unwilling to handle AFL members and some have closed due to the poor behaviour of some members when queuing for tickets. Many of these agencies are small and not equipped to handle the high demand of some AFL matches.

•  Trial of internet selling for club support member GF tickets only. This has been introduced in response to a lack of Ticketek agencies, especially in Geelong and other regional centres , which would not be open on the Sunday. There are enough tickets allocated for club support members (regardless of which teams are playing) to ensure all members of the competing teams can purchase a ticket on the Sunday.

•  The ticket selling for the Essendon v StKilda game at Ethihad during the season. Committee members had received complaints that Level 1 tickets were sold out within 15 minutes of going on sale, resulting in people who had queued at an agency missing out. The AFL's response is that many more tickets are sold on line and by phone and that this is a more reliable way of obtaining tickets than via agencies.

•  The Ticketek call centre is based in Sydney and is considerably smaller, therefore slower, than Ticketmasters.

•  Guest pass availability for the finals will be determined on a game by game basis. The aim is to balance the competing demands of members who wish to buy guest passes versus members who should have access to best available seating in the reserve. The AFL member survey consistently shows fairly equal support among members for both positions.

•  ID, preferably photo ID, will be required for the GF to prevent misuse of tickets.

•  In 2010 members who pay before the end of January will receive club support specific membership cards.

•  Gate opening times. It was again suggested that gate opening times be listed in newspapers each week. This information is available on the weekly email but this is not accessible by all members.

•  Southern stand upgrade. This had not been confirmed at the time of the meeting but has since received funding. The plan will not involve any change to the seating but will upgrade Gate 8 and bars, food outlets and dining rooms.

•  Limited food outlets at the MCG. The MCC apparently says that all food outlets are open for major games. The AFL welcomes any evidence from members that this is not occurring.

•  AFL member's survey. We strongly urge all members to complete the survey each year (usually sent July/August). The AFL membership department bases their decisions about member services on the results of the surveys. Your input is important. This year approximately 6000 responses were received.

•  GF packages via travel agencies etc. We were assured that these tickets are not taken from the AFL members reserve but are always in the public seating areas. There will be about 15,000 seats in the AFL reserve for members at this GF. There may be a few standing room tickets but members who wish to attend are advised not to wait for standing room tickets to become available as last year there were no standing room tickets sold to AFL members.

•  Approximately 1500 members were upgraded from silver to full membership in 2009.