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For the last 12 months your Committee has been developing a closer relationship with the AFL, whilst simultaneously reviewing how best the AFLMA can serve it's members.

At a recent joint AFL /AFLMA Workshop, it was agreed that the time-consuming role of accepting and passing on complaints was neither efficient nor effective. It was further agreed that the AFLMA was ideally placed to offer advise, based on the experience of it's members, re suggestions for improving the facilities and benefits that AFL Members enjoy. This greatly enhances the role of your AFL Members' Association and provides a real opportunity to influence the future direction for AFL membership.

AFL Membership Manager, Darren Birch, has been encouraging the AFLMA to embrace this new era of collaboration with the AFL. Together with Membership Relations

Co-ordinator, Christina Fleming, he has met with your Committee on a number of occasions, always with an extremely positive attitude. Darren has indicated that the AFL will formally recognize the AFLMA via the annual handbook and it's website.

So what does this mean for AFLMA Members? It means:-

  • Acceptance by the AFL that the AFLMA represents AFL Members.
  • AFLMA Members, via the AFLMA, have direct access to the AFL.
  • That suggestions rather than complaints should be lodged with the AFLMA
  • AFLMA Members now have the opportunity to influence future directions.
  • Major issues such as walk-ups and access to seats will receive greater priority.
  • Regular scheduled meetings between the AFL and the AFLMA will ensure quicker and more effective responses to Member suggestions.

The bottom line is that Members are encouraged to be positive rather than negative. In this way we can change the things we don't like via a friendly collaboration with the AFL instead of being confrontational. That's not to say that your Committee won't be fighting to rectify matters that concern Members. Here's a list of issues we're currently discussing with the AFL:-

  • The method of allocating Finals tickets.
  • The cost of Finals tickets, particularly the Grand Final.
  • The unpopular Big Game concept.
  • The problems with Ticketmaster.
  • The non-availability of reserved seats at the Telstra Dome.
  • The cost of food at both the MCG and the Telstra Dome.
  • The outdoor caravan food vendors refusal to display prices.
  • Members dissatisfaction with monthly queuing for reserved seating.

To prepare and present a case for each of the above takes time, however it doesn't end there. We are currently examining the difference in value between MCC and AFL memberships, planning an end-of-season social function for AFLMA Members and friends, updating our website, conducting a membership drive, and determining a new set of AFLMA policies. They say there's no rest for the wicked!!

Now to some notices:-

Please remember If you have a complaint, ring the AFL on 9643-1900

Be sure to complete and return the AFL Census Form when it arrives.

We need additional Members. How about asking 1 AFL Member to register?

Advance notice. The AFLMA will be conducting an AFL Brownlow Calcutta at the end of this football season. It'll be a fun night. Stay tuned for an announcement.

That's it folks. It's been a busy and exciting few months. Please give some thought as to how to make your AFL membership even more valuable than it is, and then let your Committee know by emailing:-

And may I repeat, we need more members. Please talk to everyone you know, and if there're an AFL Member but not an AFLMA Member, remind them that our membership fee is the bargain of the year it's free. Tell them to join by accessing the Registration Form via our website:-

Good luck to your team for the remainder of this Season.