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Welcome to Season 2006. It's already shaping up to be sensational. This Newsletter is set out under various headings for ease of reading. Without doubt it contains the most exciting news in he AFLMA's history. There's now more reasons than ever to join Australia's most economic Association. So read on, and enjoy.
Annual General Meeting

Unfortunately Brendan Hunter's business commitments prevented him from seeking

re-election and shortly afterwards, a similar situation saw us loose Dino Imbriano.

We wish them both well and thank them for their contributions.

For the record, your Committee comprises:-

President – Jim Brighthope

Vice President – John Papadakos

Secretary – John Meehan

Treasurer – Gary Marchant

Committee – Ian Pike

Bev Peterson

Jenny Bourke


We have almost $800-00 in the bank but would like to add to this in order to undertake some publicity activities. Any member who feels like making a donation would be welcomed with open arms. Should a company wish to contribute, we can offer a range of exposure benefits in recognition of your support.

New Member Registrations

Unfortunately our website has been unable and unwilling to accept new registrations. We are confident that this has now been rectified and encourage you to try again and register as many new members as possible. You'll find the registration form on website:-

Walk-Up Opportunities

We know that there are many Members who favour the option of arriving early at games without pre-booking seats. You will be pleased to know that the AFLMA has been successful in gaining more walk-up seats during Season 2006.

MCG “Big Game” Reserved Seat Option

This has been the subject of a great deal of discussion. The AFLMA is keen to monitor the success or otherwise of this initiative. If you email the following address, you will reach all the Committee Members:-

Meeting with the AFL

Our first meeting for this year was at the AFL's request. AFL Membership Manager, Darren Birch joined our specially convened Committee Meeting together with

Membership Relationship Co-Ordinator, Christina Fleming.

Darren gave a commitment towards working to improve facilities for AFL Members, particularly at the MCG.

He was keen to use the AFLMA as a sounding board for new ideas and indicated that it was time for a new and positive relationship between the AFL and the AFLMA. He suggested a joint workshop to discuss a formal relationship.

Darren also raised the concept of a Lifetime Membership.

This was the second AFLMA Committee Meeting that Darren has attended. Your Committee is unanimous in its view that this heralds a new era in AFL / AFLMA relationships. We believe that a great deal of hard work by your Committee Members has finally paid dividends.

What does this mean for AFLMA Members? It means that we now have a direct line to AFL Membership Management and that we will be taken notice of. It also means that the AFL recognize that AFL Members do not have any rights. They see the AFLMA as providing a structured and democratic organization that can and will provide a responsible representation for all AFL Members.

So, get in on the ground floor. Sign up your friends, relatives and neighbours (providing they're AFL Members of course) and take a close interest in future developments.

Remember, our objective is to improve things for AFL Members. It's as simple as that.