AFLMA Newsletter #20  ::  March 2005

The Newsletter of AFLMA Inc, the AFL Members Association.



AFLMA Minutes Summary


The AFLMA have met twice as of this writing (21 February) in preparation for season 2005.

The meetings were held to familiarize ourselves with the new committee members, and

also to formulate plans for what to make our priority items to discuss with the AFL.


The committee noted that there is strength in numbers, and that a concerted effort to attract

members should be made to have a louder voice. It was therefore decided that with the

funds currently on hand, $981.64, the AFLMA should produce business cards to distribute

to AFL members at matches and in queues in order to promote the organization. The

business cards will make the recipient aware of the AFLMA, and encourage them to visit

the website and sign on as members. Committee hopes that this measure will enlarge the

AFLMA which, of course, should make the AFL more cautious when making decisions

concerning their members. It should be noted here that 2 committee members have

approached printing agencies to try to minimize the cost of printing out the cards – good

job John and Bev! If you’re an existing AFLMA member, and you are given or otherwise

happen upon a card, please try to ensure it makes its way to a fellow disgruntled member!


The main aim of the summer meetings has been to draft a list of issues that we wish to put

before the AFL, into priority order. This was done, revised and done again, and we are

looking forward to a meeting with Shaun Welsh on February 25th to put forward the most

important of these issues. The fact is that we came up with about 12 or 13 issues that we

as a committee had concerns about, and which we will be seeking advice from the AFL

about into the future. We do, of course, seek your feedback on any issues that you’d like

raised with the AFL as well. An update will be posted to let you all know how the discussions

with Shaun progressed.


The AFLMA committee is endeavouring to make our supported clubs more aware of the

squeeze put upon us by the AFL, and to try to encourage them to support our stance. To

this end, committee members have been encouraged to approach membership

managers of our respective supported clubs in the first instance to firstly invite them to

come on board” with us, and to seek permission to promote the AFLMA amongst

those clubs’ AFL members. Updates as to how this is progressing will, of course, be

published at a later date.


From a financial perspective, as mentioned earlier, currently the AFLMA has $981.64 on

hand, thanks in part to a small profit from the trivia night on the night of the AGM, and a very

generous donation from member John Britt. John will have been thanked by now- but let’s

thank him again! We invite all current AFLMA members and prospective members to

attend future trivia nights or social gatherings, as any funds raised are used by the AFLMA

to further the cause – and they’re a lot of fun!








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