This month your Committee convened and discussed many of the points raised by Members and then met with Shaun Welsh, AFL Membership Manager, to go through them in a meaningful manner.


Following is a summary of matters covered:-


*      The AFL Internet Survey results will be available within the next 2 weeks.


*      The AFLMA has suggested the installation of a system to check and verify Member details when membership cards have been lost or forgotten. The AFL

have agreed to discuss this.


*      The AFL Reserve will NOT be further effected by the MCG re-development next

year. Available seating will be the same as for this year.


*      The AFLMA requested the AFL to review arrangements for Members to attend future Australia V Ireland Gaelic Football Matches so that better discounts are

offered. The AFL agreed to look at this for future years.


*      Most issues raised by the AFLMA concerned the Grand Final. These included:-


#  The transferring of seats by the lending of membership cards.

#  The venue for both future Preliminary Finals.

#  Distribution of Grand Final seats.

#  The purchase of Finals tickets on behalf of other Members.

#  The inequity of Silver Members paying a higher price than the general public.


*      The AFL is considering the introduction of photo ID on membership cards in order to minimize their unauthorized transfer.


Note:  The AFLMA does not condone the transferring of AFL Members cards to non-members as it takes away seats from Members.



*      It is now adopted AFLMA Policy that we request that both Preliminary Finals be

played in Melbourne at the MCG in order to provide fairness to the competing Clubs and to retain value for AFL membership.


*      Just under 14,000 AFL Members attended this year’s Grand Final. Medallion Club Members took up 3,800, the Centenary Club were allocated 200, with the balance used for Life Members and Club Members due to the reduced space, making a total of 20,000 seats in the Reserve. The MCG total capacity for this year’s Grand Final was 80,000.


*      While some members missed out on Grand Final tickets, on the Tuesday, 60 – 70 were accommodated later in the week when members/clubs returned unused seats.


*      The AFL agreed to investigate the feasibility of splitting seat sales, to the general public in bays 21 – 27 during the MCG redevelopment, between Sections Q & M.


*      The AFL is planning to reduce the number of seats a Member can book for other Members from 15 to 8. This is because they believe that it will improve and speed up booking procedures for all Members. The AFLMA requested a breakdown of booking patterns to ascertain whether this change is justified.


*      The AFLMA pointed out that AFL Members were blamed by some sections of the media for the non-direct telecast of the 2nd Preliminary Final (Port Adel. V C’wood.) The AFL’s response was that the media distorted the situation.


*      It was agreed that Guest Passes for Preliminary Finals be made available for medical and/or carer reasons in the first instance, and after that, to Members.


*      The AFLMA requested that consideration be given to lifting the 30 game restriction. The AFL responded by stating that it would be 40 games next season.


*      Finally, we can report that the membership fees for Season 2004 are:-


#  Full Members - $372-00 (an increase of $12-00)

#  Silver Members - $269-00

#  Reserved Seat Booking Fee - $5-50 (no increase)


*      A six stage Payment Plan is an option, at an additional cost of $10-00.




As you can see, your Committee has been extremely busy on behalf of all AFL Members.


We would welcome feedback at any time. May we also encourage you to promote your Association to fellow members and invite them to register on our website