AFLMA Newsletter #18  ::  3 April 2003



The Newsletter of AFLMA Inc, the AFL Members Association.


In this issue:

1) Did you enjoy the football last weekend?

2) AFL Membership Statistics

3) AFLMA Annual General Meeting

4) Pre-Booking H&A Tickets

5) AFLMA Trivia Night

6) Contact details





What did you think was the best game?


Why not vote for your choice in the AFLMA Game of the Year.


Each week you'll be able to vote for you choice as the best game of

the previous weekends games. At the end of the home and away season

there'll be 22 weekly nominations, and you'll have the opportunity

to vote for the Game of the Year. Last year's winner of the AFLMA

Game of the Year was the Round 8 match between Collingwood and



To vote for your choice of the Game of the Round log onto the AFLMA

website (http://www.aflma.com/www.aflma.com) and press the "Game Year" button.


We believe that AFL Members are ideally suited to make this award. The

membership isn't limited to supporters of any one team and extends to

those without specific club allegiance. We are a group of people who

are among the most passionate supporters around who appreciate good






The AFL recently issued its 2002 Annual Report. It presents some

interesting statistics about the AFL Membership, particularly in

comparison with the membership figures for the past decade.


Last season there were 47,671 members, the lowest total since the 1995

season (when there were 47,111 members). The season with the highest

number of members was 2000, when there were 52,187 members. Therefore

there has been a decrease of 4,516 members in 2 years.


The 2002 total includes 957 children who are classified as 'Additional

Family/Under 7'. This is a new membership classification that relates

to children under 7 years old. They get free entry but are entitled to

be issued with the a membership card so that they can pre-book seats.


The total number of Full Members was 31,531, the lowest number over the

past 10 seasons. The season with the highest number of Full Members was

2000, when there were 35,697 Full Members. Subsequently in two years

there has been a net decrease of 4,166 Full Members.


2,184 Full Members took out Absentee Membership, which meant that 29,347

Full Members were entitled to attend the football last season. This is

the lowest number of attending Full Members over the past 10 years.


Six years ago the AFL had a waiting list for a Restricted membership, an

estimated 25-30 year wait for Full membership, and only about 500 Full

Members didn't renew from one year to the next. Now there is no waiting

list, a 6-8 year wait for Full membership, and at least 2,000 Full

Members aren't renewing each year.


Once an AFL Membership was valued and members renewed almost without

question. Now an increasingly number of people are willing to let go of

their membership. The AFLMA believes that the way to stop this decline is

for the AFL to return the Membership to what it was that first attracted

people to apply to join.





We remind you that the AFLMA will be holding its 2003 AGM at Bell's

Hotel & Brewery, cnr Coventry & Moray Sts, South Melbourne, on Tuesday

8th April, 2003, at 8:00pm. Please attend and have a say in how your

Association is run.


If you have misplaced or deleted the AGM Notice, you can check it out

at our website (http://www.aflma.com/).





Last issue we asked you to tell us how things went on Monday, 17

March, the day H&A reserved seating went on sale. We'd like to thank

all who wrote in telling us of their experiences.





The AFLMA recently hosted its second Trivia Night. A great night was had

by all, with the night being marred by the usual controversy about one

or two of the questions. (Has there ever been a Trivia Night that didn't

have debates about the questions?) Our thanks go to Greg Salter who did

a great job as Quizmaster.


We would like to thank Kraft Australia, Regent Sporting Goods

<http://www.regentsport.com/index.htm>, Tower Hotel in Hawthorn

<http://www.towerhotelhawthorn.com/>, and Fortune Tee

<http://www.fortuneteeshirt.com/>, who donated goods to be used as

prizes, in a raffle and auction.





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