AFLMA Newsletter #17 :: 14 March 2003

The Newsletter of AFLMA Inc, the AFL Members Association.

In this issue:
1) Pre-Booking H&A Tickets
2) Club Member Upgrades
3) AFLMA Trivia Night
4) What Can I Do To Help the AFLMA?
5) AFLMA Annual General Meeting
6) Contact details


We remind you that reserved seating goes on sale on Monday, 17 March.

If you do reserve tickets - whether via telephone, on the internet, or at a
Ticketmaster7 agency - we'd be interested in knowing how it goes. If you
also purchased tickets on the same day last year provide a comparison, so we
can see if the process has improved, got worse, or hasn't changed much.

And if you attend an agency in person, mention the AFLMA to those in the
queue. Take along a copy of our Sign-up sheet (see below) and encourage your
fellow AFL Members to join their Association.


An item not mentioned in the recently-issued AFL Members' Handbook are the
details about the issuing of Club Member upgrades/cross-over tickets for
entry into the AFL Members' Reserve at the MCG.

AFL Members can purchase a 'cross-over ticket' for guests who are members of
the home team. These tickets are cheaper than the standard guest pass,
though they are only available at the MCG on the day of the match - they
can't be booked in advance - and are subject to the standard availability of
guest passes. The Club Member must be accompanied by an AFL Member.

The cost of the tickets is approximately $7.00, being the difference between
a standard ground entry and an AFL Members Guest Pass. Essentially the Club
Member gets a credit for the ground entry component of their membership, and
has to pay just for an upgrade to enter the AFL Members' Reserve.

There is no charge for Juniors holding a squadron ticket of one of the
competing clubs, provided they are accompanied by an AFL Member.


On 21 March, the AFLMA will be hosting its second Trivia Night. You should
have already an announcement about the night, but if you want another copy
just drop us a line at mailto:trivia@a... . We are still accepting
bookings, but please do hurry.

The first booking was received within hours of sending out the announcement.
The group that finished second in last years Trivia Night want to go one

In answer to a number of queries: The questions in this Trivia Night will be
of general knowledge, rather than just on football. And your guests do not
have to be AFL Members to attend.

We would like to thank Kraft Australia, Regent Sporting Goods
<http://www.regentsport.com/index.htm> and Fortune Tee
<http://www.fortuneteeshirt.com>, who have donated goods to be used as
prizes and for a raffle. If you are aware of any other organisations that
would be similiarly available to sponsor the evening please get in touch
with us at mailto:sponsors@a... .


The AFL Members Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation
established to promote the interests of AFL Members, to represent them
with a unified voice and to provide a range of other benefits.

As a voluntary organisation, with no annual dues, the Association's
resources are limited. Subsequently there are a number of things that all
AFL Members can do to assist in strengthening your organisation:

1. A sign-up sheet is available from the AFLMA website
<http://www.aflma.com/AFLMA%20signup.pdf>. Print off copies and approach
AFL Members (at the football and at Ticketmaster7 queues) to join. The
sheets can be mailed to the AFLMA address.

2. Encourage internet-connected AFL Members to join, via the on-line
registration page of our website.

3. Write to the AFL, GPO Box 5275BB, Melbourne VIC 3001 and to your
Club, requesting that they co-operate closely with the AFLMA.

4. Identify and cultivate appropriate TV, radio and print journalists
who are in a position to discuss AFLMA issues. Pass on any names to your
Committee for follow up. (Your groundwork with the media will be of great

5. If you possess IT expertise, offer your services to assist with the
management of the AFLMA website and database.


Just to remind you: the AFLMA will be holding its 2003 AGM at Bell's
Hotel & Brewery, cnr Coventry & Moray Sts, South Melbourne, on Tuesday
8th April, 2003
, at 8:00pm. If you would like another copy of the Meeting

Notice please send an email to mailto:agm@a... .


Internet: http://www.aflma.com
Email: mailto:info@a...
Telephone: (03) 9557 7796
Mail: PO Box 4040
Patterson VIC 3204

If you know people who would be interested in the
AFLMA Newsletter please forward this email to them.