AFLMA Newsletter #16  ::  23 December 2002



The Newsletter of AFLMA Inc, the AFL Members Association.


In this issue:

1) AFLMA Strategic Planning

2) AFL Membership Renewals

3) From MCC News

4) Summer Reading

5) In-Between Footy-Seasons Greetings

6) Contact details





Last issue we told you that the AFLMA Committee would be using the summer

to prepare a Strategic Plan. We also asked for your perspective on what we

have achieved so far and what we should aim to do in the coming four or

five years. We'd like to thank all those to sent in their thoughts, which

have helped us gain a vision for what the AFLMA Membership wants the

Association to be.


The Committee is currently reviewing a second draft of the Strategic Plan,

and the intention is to release the document in the lead-up to the 2003

football season.





Last issue we also asked for your feedback about the 2003 Membership

Renewal package. A lot of people wrote in, and we thank them for their

response. Many members are concerned about the requirement to pay

membership fees just prior to Christmas. Subsequently, on 26 November we

sent this letter to the AFL:


   I write requesting that the AFL consider offering AFL Members the

   opportunity to pay their AFL Membership for the 2004 season and

   beyond by way of instalments.


   It is the considered opinion of the AFLMA that the AFL can benefit

   by allowing its members to pay their annual subscription in three

   or four monthly instalments, spread from the end of November to the

   end of February (or before the start of the pre-season competition).


   The benefits to the AFL would include:

   ·  the improved image of goodwill afforded to its members in the

      time just before Christmas

   ·  the avoidance of losing some members who would otherwise cancel

      their membership

   ·  the clearer idea of the % renewal rates, thereby assisting your

      planning for the following season

   ·  the lowering of costs incurred in chasing late payers.


   Since it is possible for Club members to pay their subscriptions

   in instalments, we see no reason why the AFL could not allow for

   this method of payment.


   The membership renewal notes: "If, for some reason, you cannot pay

   on this date, please call the AFL Members Service Centre to make

   alternative arrangements." However those who are uncomfortable

   talking about their financial situation are unlikely to make the

   approach. An open offer to accept instalments would reduce the

   costs of administration associated with answering telephone calls

   and responding to emails.


   The AFLMA has received numerous comments from members pointing out

   the financial burden of being required to pay AFL Membership, in

   full, just prior to Christmas. We believe that the option of paying

   by instalments, without surcharge, is one that will assist the AFL

   to retain its membership base.


Last week we received a response. Currently the AFL have offered Family

Package holders the option of payment by instalments, and this is

considered as a trial for a wider payment plan programme. The AFL

Membership department is currently considering a number of payment

options for the 2004 season.


We note that Membership renewals were actually due on Friday 13th December.

However telephone calls to the AFL Membership Department have revealed that

those who haven't renewed will receive a reminder notice in January.





The AFL Membership gets a mention in the latest (December 2002) issue of

the MCC News. The article, which discusses their contract with the AFL,



   The agreement, ratified as recently as 2001, is a mutually beneficial

   partnership with the league which had its genesis in the various

   MCC-AFL arrangements underpinning funding for the Great Southern

   Stand in 1990-92.


   In that environment the league was able to greatly expand its own

   membership, which now contributes $12 million annually to AFL income,

   while the ground benefited from the new revenue streams being created.




   Members of both the MCC and AFL pay their subs in anticipation of

   certain games being played on the ground. Corporate supporters, vital

   to the ongoing development of the stadium, enter into leases assuming

   that matches such as the Preliminary Final will be on the MCC menu.

   Preferred suppliers take on long-term contracts based on fixtures

   locked into the ground.


Some AFL Members have expressed to us their disappointment that the AFL

has inserted into our Terms & Conditions a clause that the AFL makes no

quarentee that there will be a final in Victoria in weeks 1, 2, and 3 of

the Finals Series. One member has made that point that with the reduced

capacity due to the MCG redevelopment for some AFL Members the

Preliminary Final may well be the ultimate match they are able to attend

over the next three AFL Seasons.





"Football: The People's Game?" is the title of Dr Alf Andrews’ PhD thesis.

Some months ago we placed two extracts from Chapter 7 of the thesis on

the AFLMA website, as they relate to the AFL Membership. The AFLMA is

grateful to Dr Andrews for his permission to publish these extracts on our



Anyone wishing to read the Extracts can do so at

http://www.aflma.com/Andrews%20Thesis.pdf , while you can read Dr

Andrews' complete thesis at http://alf.magpies.net . (Both the extract

and the complete thesis are only available as PDF files. Subsequently

you'll need a copy of Acrobat Reader to access the files.)





As we wind down to the end of the year the AFLMA Committee would like to

take this opportunity to wish you all the best for the holiday season.





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