AFLMA Newsletter #15  ::  21 November 2002



The Newsletter of AFLMA Inc, the AFL Members Association.


In this issue:

1) AFLMA Strategic Planning

2) AFL Membership Renewals

3) Absentee Membership

4) Club Member Forum News

5) Contact details





The AFLMA Committee is using the 'off-season' to review our past and look

at our future. At the end of this process we will have a Strategic Plan

that will guide our activities over the next few years.


We'd like your input very much and your perspective on what we have

achieved so far and what we should aim to do in the coming few years. 

If you want a reminder of the former please check out our website, in

particular the AFLMA Documents at http://www.aflma.com/links.htm  and

our Press Releases at http://www.aflma.com/press.htm.


Please send your response as soon as possible to mailto:steercom@aflma.com.

Thanks, in advance.


Remember: there are now 4000 AFLMA Members and we are growing in number

weekly. Your views are important. Let us know what they are.





By now you would have received your 2003 Membership Renewal package. We

remind you that the deadline for renewal is 13th December, 2002.


During the year the AFL asked us what we wanted, via the AFL Members

Census and the introduction of the AFL Members Monitor.


The AFL Members Association would also like your feedback as to what you

do and don't like about the 2003 AFL Members Package.


There have been changes to next years package. Do these changes impress

you? Do they address your concerns? Are there any changes you would like

to see occur in the future?


Are you going to renew your AFL Membership this year or are you going to

let it lapse? Do you think its still a value proposition?


What ever 'bouquet or brickbat' you have about the 2003 AFL Members

Package, please let us know and we will communicate your views to the

AFL. We will also use your views to look at our Four Point policy

(http://www.aflma.com/AFL%20Positional%20Statement.htm) to see if it

is still a reflection of what you want.





The AFL Membership renewal package notes that an Absentee membership

will be granted to those "living or working interstate or overseas for

the during of the 2003 football season" and those that show "special

individual circumstances".


Unfortunately the package doesn't provide examples of what would

qualify as appropriate circumstances.


We remind AFLMA Members that earlier this year the AFL Membership

department indicated that Absentee memberships would be available in a

variety of situations, including:

1. Any illness or ailment that prevents you from attending the football.

2. Extreme financial hardship.

3. Caring duties for an infant or family Member that may prevent you

   from attending the football.


These are the most common situations, and provide the tenor of what

qualifies as an appropriate special individual circumstance.





In recent issues we've told you about the AFL Members initiatives of

a small number of the Football Clubs' membership departments.


Carlton recently held another meeting of their AFL Members Club

Support group. AFLMA President Michael Agrotis is a member of the group

and believes that it has added significantly to the Membership

Department's understanding of the concerns of the AFL Member.


Carlton has also asked us if we could forward the following message to

the Blues fans:


   To get all of the latest "Blues News" direct from the Carlton

   Football Club, register your email address with the Club to

   receive the popular "Carlton Email Update.


   This great email service includes injury updates, training & match

   reports, events & promotional updates, and special "member only"



   Just email membership@carltonfc.com.au and ask to be placed on the

   database to receive the Carlton Email Update. Please leave your

   Full Name, Suburb and Email Address.


The AFLMA has begun to write to the other Melbourne-based clubs, offering

them the opportunity to similiarly connect with their fans within the

AFLMA Membership.





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