AFLMA Newsletter #10  ::  23 May 2002



The Newsletter of AFLMA Inc, the AFL Members Association.


In this issue:

1) Media Watch

2) Membership Drive

3) AFLMA Game of the Round

4) AFLMA Inc

5) Contact details





AFL Members issues and the AFLMA have featured quite heavily in the media

over the past fortnight.


First off, were a couple of articles in The Age that revealed that the

AFL has a $2 million shortfall on its budgeted revenue. Included in the

shortfall was $200,000 from the AFL Membership department. They were

budgeting on a 1.5 per cent downturn in the membership, but instead have

a 5 per cent downturn. Later that week there was a short article in MX.


Last week The Herald-Sun carried an article about the ways in which AFL

Members have sought to increase their chances to Grand Final tickets, by

changing their nominated Club Support. This article received a lot of

coverage, as many radio stations - TripleM, Nova, and 3AW, among others -

mentioned it in their news reports that same day.


Last Friday AFLMA President Michael Agrotis was interviewed by Simon

Madden and Nicole Bland on their 3AK show Playing Hardball (Fridays,

6:00pm - 7:30pm). An hour earlier Wayne Jackson was on the show. During

the interview Jackson was asked about AFL Members issues.


The two Age articles can be read at:




while The Herald Sun article can be found at:



The AFLMA carries links to these articles (and others) in the 'In the

Press' section of our website (www.aflma.com).





Membership recruitment is something where every AFLMA member can get

involved. Do you know other AFL Members - work colleagues, friends,

relatives, etc? Tell them about us. Pass on our website address. Give

them a copy of this Newsletter. Encourage them to get in touch with us.

You can join up as many members as you can at our website www.aflma.com.

We've also put our sign-up sheet on our website (in pdf format) so that

you can print off a copy and pass it around to your friends. Take it the

football and sign up the AFL members sitting nearby and tell them about

their Association. When the sheet is full just return it us (our PO Box

and fax number are printed on the sheet), and print out another so you

can gather in more members.


A larger membership will only strengthen our relationship with the AFL

and enable us to "promote and protect" AFL Member benefits. Over the

next few years, while the MCG is being redeveloped, things may get worse

before they get better. The AFLMA has only just started to galvanise

support from the AFL Membership and a lot of work is required to build

our membership.


It is only with your continued support we will be able to work on your

behalf and kick some goals. Remember the lines of communication to the

AFLMA Committee are always open. You'll find our contact details below.





We trust you've all been voting in the AFLMA Game of the Round.


To register your vote go to http://www.aflma.com/aflmagoty.htm


So far, the games that we recorded as the Game of the Round are:

Rd. 7 - Melbourne def. St Kilda

Rd. 6 - Fremantle def. Essendon

Rd. 5 - Kangaroos def. Carlton

Rd. 4 - Sydney def. Kangaroos

Rd. 3 - Brisbane Lions def. Essendon

Rd. 2 - Kangaroos def. Western Bulldogs

Rd. 1 - Kangaroos def. Port Adelaide


At the end of the season, all AFL Members will have the chance to vote

for the AFLMA Game of the Year from the 22 nominated Games of the Round.

A perpetual trophy is to be awarded to the two teams who played in the

AFLMA Game of the Year.


We believe that AFL Members are ideally suited to issue the award for the

Best Game of the Year. The membership isn't limited to supporters of any

one team and extends to those without specific club allegience. We are a

group of people who are among the most passionate supporters around who

appreciate good football.





We're now AFLMA Incorporated. Some months ago we applied to be registered

as an incorporated association under the Association Incorporation Act

(1981), and recently the application was approved. Our registration

number is A0042355G.


We'd like to thank AFLMA member Joey Borensztajn, of the legal firm

Arnold Bloch Liebler, for his assistance when we were preparing our

application for Incorporation.





Internet:   http://www.aflma.com

Email:      info@aflma.com

Telephone:  0412-125-533

Mail:       PO Box 4040

            McKinnon VIC 3204



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