AFLMA Newsletter #9  ::  27 March 2002



The Newsletter of the AFL Members Association


In this issue:

1) Reserved Seating

2) Membership Drive

3) AFLMA Game of the Round/Year

4) AFLMA Bar

5) Election of New Committee

6) Contact details





Monday, 18 March, 2002 was the day reserve seating for the 2002

Home & Away Season became available to AFL Members. From the

sounds of it no-one had a happy day, with long waits at

Ticketmaster7 agencies, the system going down, etc. Some

members even discovered that their membership cards were

missing a digit in their barcode.


An interesting restriction about the ticketing is that Colonial

Stadium Level 4 tickets would only become available once Level

1 tickets were sold-out. For matches that aren't fully-ticketed

this isn't a problem. However, for the fully-ticketed games

(those involving either Carlton or Essendon) it seems unfair to

those people who prefer Level 4, and wanted to buy their

season's reserved seats in a single visit to Ticketmaster7.

They couldn't buy their Level 4 tickets on 18 March, and are

faced with the possibility of continually going back to



In the days since 18 March the AFL, Colonial and Ticketmaster7

have made a couple of changes to the ticketing arrangements:

Two weeks out from a Colonial Stadium match (with the exception

of Essendon Home matches), for advertised fully ticketed

matches, AFL Members will be able to purchase a level 4 seat.

Also, the cost of Level 4 tickets will be $1.10 juniors and

$5.00 for adults. This represents a decrease from the Level 1

prices ($3.00 and $5.50) but is still greater than the CPI

increase on last years prices.


If you've already purchased Level 1 tickets and wish to

exchange them for Level 4 (and get a refund for the difference)

you should contact the AFL Membership department

((03) 9643-1900) and discuss it with them. 





In Season 2002 an important goal for the AFLMA is to build our

membership. We currently represent about 3,000 AFL Members. A

larger membership will only strengthen our relationship with

the AFL and enable us to "promote and protect" AFL Member

benefits. Over the next few years, while the MCG is being

redeveloped, things may get worse before they get better. The

AFLMA has only just started to galvanise support from the AFL

Membership and a lot of work is required to build our membership.


Membership recruitment is something where every AFLMA member

can get involved. Talk to friends, work collegues, family, etc.

Every time you go to the football you'll be surrounded by AFL

Members - tell them about their Association. Encourage people

to contact us, to visit our website, to get involved.


Tim Reddoch is able to provide leaflets and sign-up sheets to

those AFLMA members who are able to join in the membership

drive. Tim can be contacted on 0402-256-517 or via e-mail on

mailto:timr@aflma.com .


It is only with your continued support we will be able to go

into bat on your behalf and kick some goals (to mix some

metaphors). Spread the word to your fellow AFL Members. You can

join up as many members as you can at our website www.aflma.com .


And remember the lines of communication to the AFLMA Committee

are always open. You'll find the contact details below.





Earlier this week the AFLMA announced its Game of the Year

award. We believe that AFL Members are ideally suited to make

this award. The membership isn't limited to supporters of any

one team and extends to those without specific club allegience.

We are a group of people who are among the most passionate

supporters around who appreciate good football.


As you watch the football this coming weekend, give a thought

to which was the best game of the round. Early next week log

onto the AFLMA website (www.aflma.com) and vote for your

choice. At the end of the home and away season there'll be 22

weekly nominations, and you'll have the opportunity to vote for

the Game of the Year.





We have designated the Haydn Bunton Bar in the Great Southern

Stand as an "unofficial" meeting place for Association Members.

It'll be the place to gather during games, to chat about issues

and to spread the word to fellow AFL Members. So look out for

fellow AFLMA people in the Bar during the course of the year.





The AFLMA's first Annual General Meeting was held on 20 March,

and the feeling coming out of the meeting was very positive.


Five people joined the Steering Committee, joining the six

people who are continuing their involvement. We believe this

make-up is a positive one, providing a balance between on-going

experience and fresh ideas.


The committee is as follows:


      Michael Agrotis (President)

      Jim Brighthope (Vic-President)

      Irwin Hirsh (Secretary)

      John Papadakos

      Ian Pike

      Jeff Steel


New:  Julie Azzopardi

      Jay McGrath (Treasurer)

      John Meehan

      Greg Salter

      Neil Watson


Another positive sign is that the departing Steering Committee

Members (Michael Duke, Michael O'Brien, Ross Symons, Steve

Teleki, and Tim Reddoch) have indicated that they wish to

continue their involvement with the AFLMA and will be working

in specific areas.





Internet:   http://www.aflma.com

Email:      info@aflma.com

Telephone:  0412-125-533