AFLMA Newsletter #8  ::  21 February 2002



The Newsletter of the AFL Members Association


In this issue:

1) The Next Two Weekends

2) Media Watch

3) Contact details





Over the next two weekends of Wizard Cup footy the AFL Members

Association will have a presence at Colonial Stadium.


Through the efforts of Jim Brighthope we have negotiated space on

the Bourke St Pedestrian Flyover to Colonial Stadium for both this

weekends games (23 & 24 Feb) and two of the following weeks games

(1 & 3 March).


Be on the lookout for our Marquee with our distinctive signage.


Members of the AFLMA Steering Committee will be on hand to recruit

any new members and provide as much information as we can to let you

know how we are representing your interests to the AFL.


So, if you have friends and work collegues who have not joined the

Association please tell them where we will be and how easy it is to

join the AFLMA.





Late last week a couple of interesting articles appeared in The Age.

They concern the formation of an AFL sub-committee to review Grand

Final ticketing. Of specific interest to the AFLMA is that the AFL

Members don't rate a mention.


In addition, the AFL have flagged the idea of putting unallocated

Medallion Club Grand Final tickets "back into the system". Given

that the Medallion Club were given seats that were taken from AFL

Members (including seats in the 'outer' that used to be sold to

Restricted Members) we expect that the AFL Membership is part of

the "system".


You'll find the articles at:








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