AFLMA Newsletter #7  ::  13 February 2002



The Newsletter of the AFL Members Association


In this issue:

1) Membership Cards

2) Spreading the Word

3) Contact details





Members report the haphazard receipt of the AFL Membership Cards.

The common theme seems to be "Mine has arrived, but not my child's."


It is possible that some members will not receive their Membership

Cards in time to attend matches in the first round of the Wizard

Cup. A couple of AFLMA Committee members recently telephoned the AFL

Membership department about this issue and were advised of the



  Members who don't receive their card by Thursday evening should

  call the AFL Membership on (03) 9643-1900 on Friday. Arrangements

  will then be made so that Members can attend the matches on the



The AFL Membership's telephone hold message has this news, and the

AFLMA are wondering why the AFL doesn't broadcast the news in other

ways. An email sent to every e-address on their membership database

would reach a lot of members.


And if anyone does experience problems in getting entry to the

football this weekend we'd be interested in hearing about it. One

AFL Member tells us that last year he had major difficulties

attending matches due to late arrival of his Membership Card. For

instance, he was assured that his name will be on a list held at a

particular gate, but when he arrived at the gate there was no such






Do you know other AFL Members? People at your work, friends,

relatives, etc? Tell them about us. Pass on our website address.

Give them a copy of this Newsletter. Encourage them to get in touch

with us.





Internet:   http://www.aflma.com/

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Telephone:  0412-125-533