AFLMA Newsletter #6  ::  26 January 2002



The Newsletter of the AFL Members Association


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1) Summer Time ...

2) Membership Cards

3) Media Watch

4) AGM News

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... and the living it easy. Well, not quite. It's difficult to feel completely easy about the fires in NSW, and so on.


And besides, the AFLMA committee haven't exactly been taking it easy these past few weeks. The silence from us is a reflection that we figure that AFLMA members want a break.





If you've sent in your AFL Membership renewal you should have received a card advising that "Your Membership Card ... will be posted to you in February 2002".


An AFLMA Committee member recently sought clarification about the procedure in which Membership Cards would be issued. Here is the response from Shaun Welch, AFL Membership Manager:


   The first batch of cards will be sent the first week of February. A query will be pulled at the end of Jan. All Members renewed by this date will have their cards sent out in the first batch.


   Another batch will be sent out mid to late Feb.


   After this, we will be printing cards in-house and sending them out on a daily basis.


   All Members renewed by Jan 11 will have their card in time for the Pre-season. Any anomalies (eg: Card not arriving in mail) will be handled one-on-one with the Members to make sure they get in.


What this means is that if you've already paid your renewal you should receive your card in time to be able to attend the first round of the Pre-Season Cup (15-17 Feb). If you haven't received your card by Tuesday 12 February we suggest you contact the AFL Membership Department (ph: (03) 9643-1900), as it probably has been lost in the mail.


And if anyone does experience an unreasonable delay in getting their card we'd be interested in hearing about it. One AFL Member tells us that last year he got his card almost four months after he paid his renewal, and we trust no-one suffers the same experience this year.





It was some months ago but on 31 October, 2001 a very good article about the AFLMA was published on the i7sport website. The link is at http://i7sport.com.au/Article/Display/0,1363,56-10631,00.html. Make sure that you click on the photo of Wayne Jackson, as the caption to the enlarged version is perhaps the most cynical line of the article.


And The Paper published a good article, called "Football: Still the People's Game?", which looks at the plight of the ordinary footy fan and grand final tickets. It includes AFL Members as among those that has been left behind. You can read the article on The Paper's website:




We maintain a file of press articles about the AFL Membership and the AFLMA, which you'll find on the AFLMA website:

http://www.aflma.com/press.htm. If you ever see something of interest please forward the details to us.





Planning is well underway for the first AGM of the AFLMA and we are currently seeking confirmation of a venue. We expect to hold the AGM on Wednesday, 20th March, 2002. Further details will be issued as they come to hand.





Do you know other AFL Members? People at your work, friends,

relatives, etc? Tell them about us. Pass on our website address.

Give them a copy of this Newsletter. Encourage them to get in touch

with us.





Internet:   http://www.aflma.com/

Email:      mailto:info@aflma.com

Telephone:  0412-125-533



- Irwin Hirsh, on behalf of the AFLMA Committee