AFLMA Newsletter #5  ::  7 November 2001



The Newsletter of the AFL Members Association


In this issue:

1) The Meeting with the AFL


3) Government Recognises the AFLMA

4) Spreading the word

5) Contact details





As most of you would know, the AFLMA met with the AFL on 12 October.

You can read a summary of the meeting at



In the weeks since 12 October we been continuing the dialogue with

the AFL, with the AFLMA's intention being to influence what is

included in next season's Terns & Conditions. When the T&Cs have

been released expect to see a detailed response from the AFLMA.





In recent weeks we have been giving much thought to the timing of

the AFLMA's first Annual General Meeting.


In order to give as many of you the opportunity to attend we felt

that it would be inappropriate to hold the meeting in the weeks

prior to Christmas or during the summer school holidays. We then

realised that it would be difficult to hold an AGM in November. We

have to give AFLMA Members at least two weeks notice of the AGM, and

before that could happen we had to locate a meeting venue. While

this was possible we realised that we'd be rushing things (both for

you and us), so we've decided that the AGM is to be held in late

February or March.


An AGM early next year has all sorts of advantages. It means that we

can give you more than the required two weeks notice. We want the

AGM to be used to promote the AFLMA's cause and we think this is

better achieved when interest in football is higher (that is,

Feb/March rather than in November). Also, we want the AGM to be more

than just a business meeting, and the longer lead time allows us to

effectively plan that non-business part. We'd like the AGM to be the

AFLMA's part of the launch of the 2002 Footy Season.





We have recently learnt that the Victorian Government, through the

Minister for Sport and Recreation, The Honourable Justin Madden MLC,

has recognised the existence of the AFLMA.


Some members have told us that they have written to the Minister

regarding the way the AFL has recently been treating its membership.

In responding to those letters the Minister has noted "I am advised

that an AFL Member's Association has recently been formed for the

purposes of promoting the interests of AFL Members." AFLMA contact

details are then provided.


Unfortunately the Minister also notes "The Government is not in a

position to directly impact on the ticketing distribution

arrangements made by the AFL ... or other issues associated with AFL



Anyone wishing to write to the Minister can do so at the following


The Hon. Justin Madden MLC

Minister for Sport and Recreation

GPO Box 2392V

Melbourne  VIC 3001


In return you'll get the autograph of a former President of the AFL

Players' Association.





Do you know other AFL Members? People at your work, friends,

relatives, etc? Tell them about us. Pass on our website address.

Give them a copy of this Newsletter. Encourage them to get in touch

with us.


The AFLMA has produced a sign-on form, for use by those who don't

have internet access. It is available in Word format, so that you

can print it out and hand it on to friends. If you'd like a copy

please send an email to irwinh@aflma.com.


The Purpose of the Association is simply "To promote the interests

of AFL Members". Membership to open to any financial AFL Member

(Full, Restricted and Absentee) and there is no cost to join.





Internet:   http://www.aflma.com

Email:       info@aflma.com

Telephone: 0412-125-533


- Irwin Hirsh, on behalf of the AFLMA Committee