AFLMA Newsletter #3  ::  20 September 2001



The Newsletter of the AFL Members Association


In this issue:

1) AFLMA website launched

2) Join Up! Join Up!

3) AFLMA's own survey

4) Media Watch

5) What we have been doing

6) AFLMA activity over the forthcoming week

7) Spreading the word

8) Contact details





Last weekend the AFLMA set up its own website, which you'll find at



We believe this is an important communications tool between the

AFLMA Committee and AFL Members. On the site you'll find, among

other things, contact details, an archive of our Press Releases

and Newsletters, and links to newspaper articles about the AFLMA

and the AFL Membership.


Our webmaster (Ross Symons, who has done a terrific job) tells us

that there were about 50 hits to the website prior to us telling

anyone that it exists. People wanting the site to exist is a strong

sign that the AFLMA is an idea that has arrived.





The site also enables AFL Members to join the AFLMA on line. Just

point your browser to http://www.aflma.com/join.htm.


If you have previously given us your details would you please

confirm your details via this page. We have been collected your

details in a variety of ways - in person, over the telephone and

through emails - and as a result some items were missed. In

addition, entering the information into our database has been a

difficult process.  


By visiting the website and entering the details yourself it will

save us a lot of work and ensure that our database is complete.


While you are there please enter the details of family members

who are also AFL Members. Often someone joining the AFLMA will

mention that their spouse/child is also an AFL Member, but leave

it at that. It is important that we get their details as well.

You can also enter the details for friends who don't have internet

access, but first ask them if that's okay.


Please be assured that the AFLMA takes your privacy seriously and

will not sell or make commercial use of any data supplied by its






The AFLMA is conducting a survey that is open to ALL members. We

expect this to the first of a series.


We would be very grateful if you could take the time to fill in

the survey online at http://www.aflma.com/AFLMASurvey.htm.





Over the past week we've been receiving quite a few mentions in

the Media. Here are the items we know about:


- Michael O'Brien was interviewed on Triple M. A lot of you would

  know that Brian Taylor is an AFL Member, but I didn't know until

  last Saturday that Eddie McGuire is also one of us.


- Mike Sheahan devoted a major article to the AFL Members' plight

  in Friday's edition of The Herald-Sun, and gave us good space on

  Wednesday's edition.


- Rod Nicholson had an article in The Sunday Herald-Sun.


- Two articles have appeared on Stephen Mayne's Crikey email

  newsletter http://www.crikey.com.au/columnists/aflma.html.


- and there have been many mentions by Gerard Healy, David Hookes

  and telephone callers on 3AW's 'Sports Tonight'


If you want to read the Sheahan's and Nicholson's articles you can

find links to them on our website: http://www.aflma.com/press.htm.





About a fortnight ago AFLMA Chair Michael Agrotis (he wasn't there

when we had the vote) wrote to the AFL's CEO Wayne Jackson. The

main points of the letter were to inform the League that we have

formed, to emphasise that we wish to work with the AFL and to seek

an initial meeting. Within a couple of days we received a positive

response. And on Saturday Wayne Jackson publicly revealed the

contents of his letter, when he told the Triple M radio audience

that "I have written to the group and am very happy to meet with

them after our finals series".


The AFLMA Committee see this as a very important and encouraging






We are still focusing on spreading the word and reaching as many

AFL Members as possible. We believe that putting together a

large database of AFL Members was an important part of getting

the AFL's ear, and it is important that this activity continues.


Over the past few weeks we have been leafletting outside the MCG.

The AFL have asked that we cease doing so as it detracts from the

stature of the Preliminary and Grand Finals. After some

discussion the AFLMA Committee have decided to comply with the

AFL's request. We will, however, still be meeting, from about

12:45, near "The Legend" sculpture (at the foot of the steps,

below Gate 8). If you want to meet us, for a relaxed, friendly

yarn, please come along.


We will also be promoting the AFLMA at the Grand Final ticket

queues on Sunday and Tuesday mornings. Are you and/or your

friends and relatives joining these queues? If so, why don't

you help us out? Contact us (on the details below or at the

MCG prior to Saturday's match) so that we can discuss what we

are doing.





Do you know other AFL Members? People at your work, friends,

relatives, etc? Tell them about us. Pass on our website address.

Email or give them a copy of this Newsletter. Encourage them to

get in touch with us, via the contacts listed below.


The Purpose of the Association is simply "To promote the

interests of AFL Members". Membership to open to any financial

AFL Member (Full, Restricted and Absentee) and there is no cost

to join.





Internet:   http://www.aflma.com

Email:      info@aflma.com

Telephone: 0412-125-533 or 0418-921-508


- Irwin Hirsh, on behalf of the AFLMA Committee