In this issue:

1) Welcome!

2) Response to our first Press Release

3) AFLMA activity over the first weekend of the finals

4) Spreading the word


We would like to welcome you to the AFL Members Association
(AFLMA). The AFLMA was formed in August 2001, and the Statement
of Purpose of the Association is simply "To promote the
interests of AFL Members". Membership to open to any financial
AFL Member (Full, Restricted and Absentee) and there is no cost
to join. A copy of the AFLMA's Rules are available upon request.

Contact us and we'll email you a copy.


A Press Release announcing the formation of the AFLMA was issued
on Tuesday, 4 September, 2001. Over the following days a number of
news outlets had picked up on our announcement:

774 ABC Melbourne, with Michael O'Brien being interviewed on
Virginia Trioli's Drive Programme.

Sport 927, with Ian Pike being interviewed by Kevin Bartlett
and Gary Honey on the Big Sport Breakfast programme.

Stephen Mayne's email newsletter.

Melbourne Express.

The Herald-Sun (if you missed this one, check out the item at

The Herald-Sun's website:,5478,2770395%255E11548,00.html

We rate a mention in the bottom half of the story.)

In addition, we've had 'feelers' from 3AW's Neil Mitchell and
The Age.

We are very conscious that this coverage is barely a ripple,
and we need to do more to grab the attention of the world out
there. We are working on that.


One of the aims of the AFLMA committee is make contact with as
many AFL Members as possible. To that end we were at the MCG and
Princes Park matches in round 21 and 22, handing out flyers and
collecting names and contact details. As a result of this
activity we have made contact with more than 2,000 AFL Members.

During the finals this activity will be continuing, and we are
seeking your help with this. The more people doing the work the
easier it is to reach as many AFL Members as possible.
If you are going to either of the MCG finals this weekend please
put in half-an-hour or an hour of effort. Help us help you, for
we believe the collection of a large database of AFL Members is
an important step to getting the ear of the AFL.

Members of the AFLMA committee will be meeting under the 'ugly
sculpture' at 6:45 on Friday (for the Ess/Rich match) and at
12:30 on Saturday (for the Adel/Carl match). It shouldn't be
too difficult to spot us: we'll be the people determinably
holding clipboards.

If you want further information (or have other ideas you want
to share) please drop an email to or telephone
0409 184 913.


Do you know other AFL Members? People at your work, friends,
relatives, etc? Tell them about us. Email or give them a copy of
this Newsletter. Encourage them to get in touch with us, via the
contacts listed below.

Telephone: 0409 184 913




- Irwin Hirsh, on behalf of the AFLMA Committee